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Communities and government working together for Our Community Justice. 

Local Solutions

We work alongside Community Justice Groups to support them in developing and evaluating community solutions to community justice issues.

Understanding Together

We focus on sharing knowledge about what works to reduce the impact of the criminal justice system on the lives of First Nations people.

Strong People

We want to recognise and celebrate the strength of communities, by sharing Community Justice Groups’ stories of success.

Enabling Change

By harnessing the power of evidence and good process, Our Community Justice enables and supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are driving positive change at the grassroots level. Learn about our evaluation and how it works through knowledge and partnership.

Solution Oriented

We seek to better learn and address how Community Justice Groups are tackling Indigenous over-representation.

Cultural Strength

We respect the cultural knowledge and leadership of elders and community members who serve on Community Justice Groups
and seek to celebrate their stories.

Let’s work together over a cuppa

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