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First Nations social enterprise Myuma Pty Ltd was engaged in February 2021 by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to conduct the 3-year evaluation of the Community Justice Group program and the Community Justice Groups Domestic and Family Violence enhancement program.  Myuma’s guiding philosophy for this evaluation is that it should be empowering for Community Justice Groups and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities they serve. 

This means that Myuma’s evaluators will work in partnership with each Community Justice Group to plan a customised local evaluation that will be useful to the Community Justice Groups and add value to their work.  It also means focusing on the strengths of the Community Justice Group and the community to find out what works in improving justice outcomes for community members. By knowing what works and measuring and demonstrating local success, we can empower Community Justice Groups to build on their successful approaches and increase their impact.

The Myuma team will also be focusing on working with communities to identify the key things for a successful Community Justice Group operation. The evaluation is funded by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.